2018 Conferences

Australian Institute of Physics Congress, December 2018, University of Western Australia, Perth.
Talk: GeV-scale electron-interacting dark matter and implications from DAMA/LIBRA phase II [slides available here]
Talk: Search for dark matter and transient variations in the fine-structure constant using fibre-linked optical atomic clocks [slides available here]

ACES (Atomic Clock Ensemble in Space) workshop, October 2018, Technical University Munich (TUM), München, Germany.
Talk: Searching for Dark Matter and Exotic Physics with Networks of Atomic Clocks

MG15 - Fifteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting, July 2018, University of Rome (La Sapienza), Rome.
Invited talk: Searching for transient dark matter signatures with atomic clocks.
Slides available here.

NASA Fundamental Physics Workshop, April 2018, La Jolla, CA, USA..
Talk: Searching for dark matter and exotic physics with atomic clocks and GPS.
Slides available here.